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Welcome to FetLife Social Network. Welcome to the 1st site of BDSM and Fetish Dating. Curious or initiated, join thousands of profiles on our SM chat.

What is fetlife?

  • The largest, oldest BDSM community,
  • Specialized in BDSM and kinky dating.
  • You and you only live your secret desires freely, consensually with joy.
  • Meet and live freely your 100 nuances of pleasures with women, men and all kinds of followers of BDSM practices such as spanking, Shibari, bondage, gagging, handcuffs .

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Get SM and fetish profiles near you with one click! Personalize, refine and save your various searches. Chat in peace with the blacklist and other comfort features. View thousands of public and private BDSM photos and discover the most passionate desires, practices and fantasies of BDSM community followers. It’s time to realize your most shameful fantasies!

The # 1 site for BDSM and fetishism

FetLife Social Network is known for being the best naughty dating site on the internet. This site may not be specifically for BDSM and fetishism but has one of the largest libertine and swinger community in France. With these millions of members, FetLife Social Network will simplify your life when you seek partner for BDSM or fetishist practices. FetLife is by far the most qualitative of swingers and BDSM sites. You will be asked when you register to reveal your sexual practices and preferences. This information will be used to offer you and put you in contact with compatible partners. You will save a lot of time in your research and you will get appointments in a short time!

The specialist of BDSM and fetishist encounters!

FetLife specializes in sexual encounters for BDSM, fetishism and bondage practitioners. Hundreds of thousands of swingers, libertine couples, fetishists, dominatrixes or sex slaves looking to meet new partners! Whether you are new to these sexual practices or experts, you will not have trouble finding one or more people in your area on this site. FetLife gives a range of possibilities in sado maso encounters. All your sexual fantasies can be realized with this great community that is open to all that is imaginable and achievable. You will have at your disposal a BDSM chat, amateur videos of members, private messaging, webcam exchange, …

An expert in Bondage, Domination-Submission and Sadomasochism

FetLife Social Network is designed specifically for men and women who practice BDSM. The most about this sadomasochistic site is that you can create BDSM groups according to your wishes. This function allows to group people who have the same desires and to meet more quickly in real life. The site will give you all the tools to organize your BDSM parties without any headaches. You will find women domineering or submissive, submissive men or couples seeking to be tied and gagged. Nobody judges here and everyone is open-minded, no taboo! The only argument that can go against this site is its membership that is quite small compared to its counterparts in the field …

If you like the fetishist style, well you are in the right place. Social Network is a group of fetishists who love finding new people with whom to have fun, find new things to experiment with, and find the best places online to expand our horizons and go even further.

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If you’ve been part of the fetish world for a long time, you know how easy it is to get bored quickly and fall into routine, and the willingness to experiment with new things is always paramount. If you are a novice, you will soon realize what it means for yourself to explore new things.

Whether you are a novice or experienced in the fetish world and BDSM, we offer you a friendly and secure interface. We work hard to remove abusive member profiles, and while our site is a way for you to explore your deepest sexual fantasies, it is presented in a very clean environment.

A friendly and secure interface

We do not tolerate abusive and violent behavior on the part of our members. Our security system allows our community to set up the criteria of the site. If someone made inappropriate comments to you, all you have to do is press the button to report a problem, so the member will see their rating decrease. Arrived at 0, the member is excluded from the site without possibility to return.

Member Photos

We do not accept other photos than the ‘portraits’ of the members which allows us to reach a high level of quality. All photos are manually approved, which allows us to maintain an optimum level of quality.

What are BDSM practices?


Coming from the English term Bondage, bondage is translated as “slavery”. Bondage is an increasingly popular sadomasochistic practice of tying one’s partner to a sexual relationship. When you tie your partner’s hands, you practice bondage. This practice can be soft or hard according to everyone’s desires! Some people take a lot of fun making love by sticking. The tools to attach your partner are various: ropes, iron chains, handcuffs, necklaces, harnesses …

The sadomasochism (SM)

Sadomasochism, known by the abbreviation SM, is a sexual practice that uses sadism and masochism. For a sadomasochistic relationship, it takes a sadist, whose role will be to mistreat his or her partner with blows (whip, whip, …) and insults of any kind. The masochist, as for him, seeks to be humiliated and hurt to please him. To speak a little more raw, there is a submissive partner and a domineering partner.


Fetishism is not easy to define! It is a sexual practice where the fetishist experiences pleasure in the sight or contact of an object or a part of the body. Fetishism does not sum up to a disproportionate love for feet and shoes, too cliché!

Why register on a SM dating site?

SM ad sites: not the best solution!

Finding a man or woman who is adept at sadomasochism is not easy in real life. Nobody unfortunately walks with a poster on his forehead: “looking for a kinky date”. There are SM classified sites where men and women post ads on a search for partners to be humiliated or to dominate. Although BDSM ad sites may be able to meet sadomasochists, they have a predominantly male presence and can not therefore meet the needs of each. In addition, in general, ads on an SM ad site are often old and you will not necessarily have answers to your messages.

The best SM dating site: “the” solution!

The sadomasochists realize their SM encounters mostly on the best sadomasochistic dating sites. In addition, the best dating sites SM have a mixed attendance of men and women. These ado-maso sites have more active members and you can filter the profiles according to your tastes. Whether you are looking for a master or a mistress to dominate you or a sex slave to dominate, you will easily find a partner or SM close to you. You can also do preliminaries via webcam chat before spending the second and meeting in real life your kinky enconuters.

Why register on a fetish dating site?

Find fetishists like you!

Your elders or former partners may not have accepted your taste for fetishism, or worse, you have not dared to talk to them about it. By registering on a fetish dating site, you are guaranteed not to have this problem. All the partners you meet will all be open to a fetishistic relationship. A fetish site provides you with a safe place to meet men, women and fetishist couples to fully satisfy your sexual desires. Even on a dating site SM, it will be easy to make contact with women who are open to a fetishist relationship!

No shame to be fetishist!

Many people wrongly and without reason consider certain sexual practices such as fetishism, bondage or sadomasochism. These prejudices push many people to hide their true sexual desires from their partners. However, when we take the definitions of these practices, the majority of French has already practiced sadomasochism for example by attaching their partners. There is really no shame in practicing fetishism or sadomasochism. To really have no genes, nothing beats being surrounded by people with the same sexual practices. By using the best fetish site, you make sure to be at ease and meet people without complex.