Imagine a social network like any other. With its news board, its message tray and its like button. Imagine that, like any other, it allows you to share statuses, images and videos with all your contacts. Imagine that in this social network, any one, you can gossip to other users, participate in thematic groups and sign up for collective events. Nothing unusual up there. Now imagine that in this social network your board of novelties is full of maniarated women hanging from the ceiling, your inbox receives strange propositions of friendship from experienced dominatrices, and the most overflowing groups deal with whips, blindfold and slapping in the face. Welcome to Fetster, the social network minus any of all.

Fetster.com BDSM Dating community

All I need to cross the threshold of ordinary sex and start living with other kinksters in the forbidden land is to fill in a short questionnaire: nickname, gender, sexual orientation, role, date of birth, location, email and phone number. And voila, I’m inside with five million other human beings eager for sexual fetishism. I am part of the largest alternative erotic community in the world. A gigantic supermarket of lustful oddities where novices like me look like penguins in Punta Cana. I look at all those options and think: what now?

Fetster, the online portal specializing in fetishism for women and men followers of fetishism of the feet, hands, breasts, panties, shoes, domination, submission, bondage … No more doubts, you will have all cards in hand to make a fetish encounter in a few clicks! An online platform for fans of naughty fetish games

Meet people via ads on Fetster BDSM social network:

Via Fetster, take the opportunity to consult and discover a whole bunch of fetishist announcements of men and women who live and live near you. It’s a good way to easily get in touch discreetly with people who share your wildest fantasies! And who knows, maybe there will be a great bond with one or a naughty game partner …

Meeting with a fetishist

A meeting, fetishism, that’s what you’ve been dreaming of for a long time? Discover our specialized community and develop sexually.

100% Convenient Chat:

On our site dedicated to fetishism, you can chat with a member for a chat for two, or in community, it’s up to you.

A real fetish community:

For a free meeting with very demanding real followers, we suggest that you test our site for free for a few months.

A strong and targeted experience:

Because you have not been all followers for years, come and acquire an unforgettable experience and learn from our experienced members.

Your customizable profile:

Create your profile in detail so that our members can contact you quickly. You can even choose by affinity and sexual preferences.

Simple and free registration:

Complete endless registrations! Thanks to our form, it will only take you 2 minutes to register, and no more to start finding partners.

Fetster, the site of shared BDSM pleasures:

For you love is not conceivable if you do not have with you a person in leather, latex or who likes to lick feet? So if you want to make a serious meeting with a fetishist who has the same pleasures as you, quickly come and consult the hundreds of classified ads that you can read for free directly on our site.

Meet your leather sister:

Fetster will indeed allow you to meet only people who seek to build a life for two with submissive women, slave men or even dominating women and domineering guys. During your meeting you will no doubt be delighted to discover your partner dressed in a beautiful latex or leather outfit. Then it’s up to you to imagine the rest of your evening over a drink in a specialized bar or more if affinity.

Fetster has a comprehensive database with hundreds of members who all love fetishism in different ways. Find yourself between us with confidence, without being disturbed by people who do not meet your expectations or who are simply shocked by the way you see love. There is no risk that you waste your time on our site, simply because it consists only of singles who are not looking for the classic meeting, but only the fetish meeting. The profiles registered on our site are rigorously selected and the personal files are fully completed by our visitors.

Your fetishistic desires at your fingertips:

So do not waste your time on sites that do not match your desires and come quickly to get to know these fetish people who are from the same environment as you and just want to build a life together with someone who loves fetishism, latex outfits or shoes with high heels.

How to make a fetish meeting on Fetster:

More and more male and female fetishists are assuming their addictions, notably thanks to the rise of the Internet. The upsurge of forums and dating sites has made it possible for amateurs and amateurs of fetishistic practices to discover that they were far from alone! Foot fetishists, panties, breasts, socks, hands, shoes, bondage, BDSM practices, domination, submission … The number of fetish practices continues to increase! We even note the resurgence of sites intended for lovers of underwear already worn and fragrant … But how to meet women or men with whom to share these practices sometimes still considered taboo in our society?

Fetster Fetish announcements and dating sites:

Fetster site of announcements and fetish meetings, a discreet and fast solution for the fetishism of the feet, panties, breasts, shoes … and even socks! Do you imagine spontaneously asking an average person, man or woman, if they share your taste for fetishism? Of course not ! It is necessary for you to focus on the places where you are on and certain to be able to make contact and exchange with people who are on the same wavelength as you. And fortunately, today the internet offers a favorable environment for this kind of meetings of a new kind. Take the time to register on a fetish dating site, you will put all the chances on your side to develop a beautiful complicity with a man or a woman who will know how to take pleasure without being shocked by your “unconventional” tastes. You will find in particular announcements of women and men fetishists of the feet, hands, breasts, panties, shoes… and even socks or underwear feminine or masculine used and already worn! Ideal for body odor fetishes … Alternatives to fetish ads: fetish spots for adults “off the beaten track”?

Fetish announcements and meetings on Fetster:

Another possibility that offers a nice alternative to dating sites and fetish ads and allows you to opt for a contact directly “physical” rather than virtual: why not try to go to an establishment or a place that offers a concept related to fetishism? It is good to know that adult clubs exist everywhere! So there is no doubt that you will find one near you. If you are exclusively looking for fetish meetings, you should also know that this kind of place very popular with the French erotic community occasionally offers evenings with “fetish” themes with many accessories and sometimes even rooms transformed into dungeons!